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Fabian Schmengler is Magento developer at integer_net, based in Aachen, Germany. His focus lies in backend development, conceptual design and test automation. Since 2011 Fabian is a Magento Certified Developer and since 2014 a Magento Certified Solution Specialist. He also blogs at schmengler-se.de/blog (English and German), is active on StackExchange, Twitter and Github.

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Türchen 19: Kickstart your Magento Dev System with Vagrant

Vagrant is a tool that allows portable virtual development environments, using virtual machines. If multiple team members work on different devices on a project, a unified environment can be ensured. It only has to be set up once and can be reproduced as often as needed. But it is also interesting to single developers who work on multiple projects. Often the different production systems have different PHP versions installed or they need specific extensions and system configurations. Especially with PHP where much behaviour depends on global configuration, you often get errors due to different systems. With Vagrant you can define the whole environment for each project and also put this definition under version control. Ideally this resembles the production system as close as possible. Also, your own system is less cluttered up with software that you needed for some past project. Although Vagrant manages virtual machines, it is not a VM provider itself, it works with different providers, such as VirtualBox, VMware and even AWS. Vagrant also works with many different provisioning tools, i.e. tools for automated system setup, like Puppet, but also comes with very simple built-in provisioners to copy files and run shell scripts. You can combine all of those.