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Tim Bezhashvyly is an ex-Magento developer passionate about new technologies and their implication in the real web projects.

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Türchen 02: isSaleable

While working with Magento templates you definitely stumbled upon isSalable() method applied to product object. The method physically exists but it only checks if product has enabled status and salable check should not be skipped. Then the is_salable property of the product object is returned.

Türchen 13: Magento Template Facade Technique

I’m working with Magento for about 3 years. What I really like about it is that you always learn something new about it. Recently I was surprised to find another hidden gem in the place that I pass along almost daily. Amazing that I was not noticing it is for all that time. I made a small presentation out of it and performed it in November in front of quite experienced Magento developers at 5th Magento Stammtisch in Zurich. You can imagine how surprised was I to find out that none of them were sure about the subject. So give a warm welcome to Magento Facades.