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Türchen 15: How to calculate a project

Estimating can be a boring and frustrating task but it's often the first mandatory step towards the fulfillment of a project. This article is my take on what I've learned and applied so far when it comes to calculating the cost of software development.

Türchen 09: Building an IT team

One thing in the past year which was very dear to me was the team we built and the steps we made at FitForMe, where I'm working as the Technical Lead. And I would like to share the lessons learned on building an IT team from the ground up.

Türchen 18: Magento 2 for Magento 1 Developers

It's been one year since Magento 2.0 hit GA. This milestone for Magento was a proud moment for us and our first major action since being fully separated from eBay. It also rang the bell for Magento 1, which entered LTS through November of 2018. As it stands now, there are over 7000 Magento 2 sites and considerable buzz, interest, and critique regarding Magento 2. This post is intended to help Magento 1 developers take a first step in to Magento 2, though it should be informative to folks who are entirely new to Magento.