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Türchen 19: Worst Magento Practice

During years of working with Magento, Andreas von Studnitz has seen a lot of Magento shops. Not all of them were in a good shape, and this article will expose the most hair-raising issues. Some problems are obvious, some are not, but all are either dangerous, make Magento slow or are extremely ugly. Learn how to avoid the worst mistakes when setting up and running Magento.

Türchen 18: Magento 2 for Magento 1 Developers

It's been one year since Magento 2.0 hit GA. This milestone for Magento was a proud moment for us and our first major action since being fully separated from eBay. It also rang the bell for Magento 1, which entered LTS through November of 2018. As it stands now, there are over 7000 Magento 2 sites and considerable buzz, interest, and critique regarding Magento 2. This post is intended to help Magento 1 developers take a first step in to Magento 2, though it should be informative to folks who are entirely new to Magento.